Everything’s coming up roses

Back in high school, I didn’t care too much for roses. The only rose I liked was Axl Rose. That was until he became a champion of the ‘white-men-too-can-wear-cornrows’ cause and started singing like he missed his nebulizer. That pretty much did it for me. Bye bye rose.

So I sort of surprised myself last night by making these >>

To be honest, I had been working on some yellow and blue roses for a while now (pic below). But whenever I had to choose between finishing these roses and working on something new, I always chose the new project. That’s why it took me almost two months to knit eleven roses, seven yellow and four blue!

Yesterday, when I found these roses in my craft storage box, I figured enough’s enough. Time to give these buggers their due. Two hours spent in assembling the flowers, leaves and stems together and I got a bouquet of roses for our coffee table 🙂

I’m still not happy with the sparse look though.  I need more roses to fill up the gaps. And that means knitting more roses.  Life’s definitely not a bed of roses 😉


4 thoughts on “Everything’s coming up roses

  1. Anonymous says:

    Aie-shala…daammi daammi!!! 🙂 (Rechecking to see how you guys might read this..hmmm…hoos hau spell check garda garda bhayo…)

  2. Daniel O'connel says:

    LTF… great work with the roses… if u perfect the art of knitting, maybe I can place orders for multi coloured roses.. u know.. hybrid ka zamana hai.. 🙂

    btw… ur coffee table needs more such roses.. and a 3d cut out of me…:)

    Huge fan ma’am…

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