Brother Blue

Hello! Meet Brother Blue, the Play-Doh cat. Handsome bugger, isn’t he?

Still got the blues

I decided to call him Brother Blue because (a) of his color; (b) he had—I believe—this expression on his face which seemed to tell you he’s been around and knows the way of the world. You know, just like those wizened blues trumpet players who’d go “yeah, I’ve been around and let me tell you something, I’ve seen a lot of bad bad things”.  Sadly, Brother Blue is no longer among us. He had too much time in the sun, developed acne, and died. So in his honor, I’ve made a step-by-step illustrated guide to making your very own Brother Blue.

Materials you need:

  • Play-Doh (blue, white and a pinch of pink for nose)
  • Two black glass beads (for making pupils; I used golden yellow because those were the only ones I had)
  • Toothpick

That’s all you need. Really.


Easy, isn’t it? And fun too 😀

Heads-up: If you want your clay sculpture to last, use polymer clay. But if you are in Kathmandu, I wish you good luck with your polymer clay hunt; I couldn’t find it anywhere.


4 thoughts on “Brother Blue

  1. Daniel O'connel says:

    U know what…. u can make brother blue’s eyes glow… I can send over LEDs to you… and that can be hooked to a 1.5V pencil battery… can put other electronics in it too… like.. making the tail twitch.,.. etc etc… lol.. its easy…

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