An apple a day

There was a time when I would have swiftly and coldheartedly stabbed anyone with a fat 5mm needle for simply bringing up the word “knitting” during a conversation. Knitting was something old, fat and lonely ladies did;  it was definitely not my cup of tea—or tumbler of whiskey if you please. No, sir, not me! Well, many years have passed and things have changed much since then. Yesterday, while going through a knitted apple pattern, I said to myself, “Darn! I haven’t got any brown yarn left!” To this my husband nonchalantly responded, “We can go buy some tomorrow.” Well, I guess that pretty much sums up what I do for fun these days! And if you are reading this, I guess so do you **wink, wink**

So today’s post is about that thing which keeps the doctor away. TING! Ten points for the correct answer, dear reader. It is an apple indeed! The very apple I was looking at yesterday. The same apple that I wanted to start knitting immediately but had no brown yarn left to knit the stem with. The same apple that ended up looking a bit like a tomato with a ‘green’ stem (and not ‘brown’, as the pattern instructed) because I had no patience to hold off knitting until the next day. The very same apple that is sitting pretty on a chopping board in the pictures below 🙂

It's an apple

No, it's a tomato

Who cares! Either way it tastes wooly.

Now if you are the type that’s not very fond of doctors, you should go ahead and try one of these apples. They taste a bit like… well, like wool, but they do sit pretty wherever you decide to put them. And if you want to take extra precautions to keep the doctor away, make sure you drop by this orchard of wonderful knitted fruits.

Until next time, bye.


4 thoughts on “An apple a day

  1. Daniel O'connel says:

    You actually did that?????? DONT KID ME!!!!
    you must have made ur poor husband do all that n claimed credit… 😛 😛 😛

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